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Humanbeings only can live their lives fullest when it would be glorified in the manifestation of education and knowledge. People learn in every step of life as education is a continuous and life- long process. Education makes life complete. The ethics, the etiquettes, the entertainment, the fear and the canon are the equation which is used to awaken humanity and morality in the people.

It is education which leads to earn livelihood and make failure as success, raise once head high above by making them self- sufficient. The main driving force of this education is none but the teacher as he is the pioneer in the teaching -learning process. He continuously puts his best effort to make us self-reliant too by extending from each and every family to the whole.

The teacher needs to reach to the worker, to the labourer, to the entrepreneur and above all to all the mothers of the earth so that they could make this world a better place for the future generations.
Gitanjali Teachers' Training College is a small effort of Gitanjali Educational Trust. The all members of this institution are dedicated to make you an ideal teacher. You are cordially welcome you to our “Gitanjali Paribar"

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